• Coil Master DIY Kit V2


    The Coil Master DIY Kit V2 is a revamp, fully-loaded coiling kit dedicated for all your coil building needs.

    The latest from Coil Master is the fully upgraded DIY Kit V2. The original was already highly praised by advanced vapers for the building of coils, the new versaon vastly improved upon it. Some examples includes a superior quality snaps, stronger splint-wooded pliers, Phillips and Fat head screws for more versatily, and appealing foldable scissors. To further boaster the user experience, slots for all the tools are designed for better ergonomic use, with bigger gaps for easy handling. There is also additional slots for two batteries storage. Build lastest coils, RBAs, and RDAs from anywhere, with this portable and dependable DIY KIt V2 from Coil Master!

  • Efest Luc Blu6 OLED Charger


    Amazing HD OLED Screen plus 6 Bays plus BLUETOOTH Connectivity for detailed charge information. This is the next generation of smart battery charger offered by Effect. Structure Instruction 1. OLED screen is to display charging status of each slot 2. The OLED will display the charging status of the selected slot with a press. Each slot with a build-in LED indicator, “FULL” is long on, “CHARGING” is slow flashing, and “NOT WORKING” is off 3. Multifunction button: to turn on/off the OLED screen light, to display the Blu6’s serial No., to choose the charging current with selecting slot button 4. The Battery slot is capable of charging 6 batteries at the same time, adjusting the spring to insert different size batteries. OLED Screen Instruction 1. It display the charging status of each slot cyclically (slot No., voltage, current and charging mode), and each slot keeps showing in 3 seconds. Selecting display mode:press a slot button when the screen is in cycle display mode, and it will switch to show the selected slot immediately and keeps in 5 seconds, then back to cycle display mode. 3.Night energy-saving mode:press the multifunction function button to turn off the screen light (still in charging condition) when it’s in cycle display mode, press again to turn it on and back in cycle display mode. 4. Charger ID display mode:press the multifunction function button for 5 seconds to show the Blu6’s serial No. When it’s in cycle display mode. Connect your phone with the charger via this ID.

  • Efest LUC V4 LCD 4 bay with USB


    Efest LUC V4 LCD 4 bay with USB-out Multi-function Smart Battery charger 4 spring-loaded, self adjusting battery bays for charging the following battery sizes: 10440 / 16340 / 14500 / 14650 / 17500 / 17670 / 18350 / 18490 / 18500 / 18650 / 18700 / 22650 / 26500 / 26650 Li-Mn or Li-ion battery. Advantages: 1. HD mini LCD screen displays precise voltage and battery capacity level. 2. Each charging channel has independent charging display status. 3. Automatically adjusts discharge current to charge different size battery. 4. Four kinds of protection: over-discharging, over-voltage, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection. 5. Automatically stops when full changed. DC wide voltage (12-24V). Specification: Input voltage: DC 12-24V Output voltage: 4.1 % 500mA CC current : > 450mA 1000mAh CC current: > 950mA Cut-off Voltage: 4.2V ± 0.05V TC Current, 0.5-1A: 60-120mA Auto recharging Threshold Value voltage: 3.9V ± 0.15mA Activation Voltage ( battery voltage < 2V): 0.45 ±0.15mA Operation Temperature: 0-40 Storage Temperature: -40 – +70°C Compatible batteries: 10440, 16340, 18350, 18500, 18650, 26650 and so on. Certification: CE, RoHs, UL.

  • Ego USB Charging Cord


    The ego charger will charge most pen style e cigarettes that do not have another port for charging.  Screw the charger into the 510 on the device and it will charge.  Do not charge e cigarettes through a computer!!


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