• moonshot by sigelei


    The Sigelei Moonshot Two Post RTA is a compact rebuildable tank atomizer aimed directly at a recreating high powered RDA experience with the benefits of a tank reservoir, combining a wide surface area 13mm by 1mm dual adjustable airflow with dual 5mm diameter inner airholes, a two post build deck, a gold plated non redirected positive pin, and quad 3mm diameter wick ports that result in staggering overall capability. Designed to compete with high power capable RDAs, the Moonshot measures a compact 32mm from base to drip tip base, maintaining a well balanced profile. Using the wide area top fill system, users can easily fill the 2ml tank capacity. The Moonshot’s build deck features a two post design with one 2mm diameter terminal per post, allowing for easy mounting of dual coil builds. Utilized in conjunction with the locking well, high power builds driven up to 200W can be achieved with steady wicking rates, as the Moonshot features quad 3mm diameter wicking ports. For maximum conductivity, a 24K Gold Plated Center Pin features a direct to contact design resulting in minimal voltage drop due to the lack of redirection of electrical current. The build deck and chimney system is designed to be smaller chambered than typical build decks, creating a higher level of flavor delivery. To feed the potential of the system, dual 13mm by 1mm airslots direct airflow into two 5mm diameter airholes located in the build deck, allowing for absolutely massive vapor production. The wide area airflow also delivers cooling to a wider surface area in the subdeck, effectively cooling the entire system. Combining the form factor and capability of a RDA with the reservoir of a tank, the Sigelei Moonshot 200W Two Post RTA by Suprimo is a high performance platform designed for extreme vapor chasing.



    SMOKtech TFRTA Beast RTA

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    The SMOKtech TFRTA Beast is the new flagship rebuildable tank atomizer system from SMOKtech that features two distinct and interchangeable build decks coupled with the innovative and highly refined chassis revised from the TFV4 platform to create one of the most capable RTAs on the market. The TFRTA utilizes SMOKtech’s new G replaceable build deck family, and is available with either the G2 or the G4 variations preinstalled. Each of the two decks measure 16mm in diameter and work in conjunction with the TFRTA’s independently controlled wicking system that allows for greater control and precision in wicking rate and exposure. The G2 features a two post, dual terminal design with each terminal measuring 3mm by 2mm, allowing for incredible variation in coil configurations. The chamber is fed by dual 6mm by 3mm airflow alongside quad wicking ports. The G4 features an elevated quad post build deck, with the positive and negatives orientated and positioned vertically from one another, and is fed by quad 3mm diameter airflow. The TFRTA chassis features elements from the TFV4 series, featuring a 24.5mm diameter coupled with SMOKtech’s patented swivel top cap design that makes filling the 4.5ml tank capacity a breeze. Quad adjustable airflow measuring 7.5mm by 2mm each airslot feed the entire system and allow for great maximum airflow. Bringing two of the most capable build decks alongside one of the premiere chassis designs on the market, the SMOKtech TFRTA Beast RTA is set to make huge waves in it’s ultra competitive price point.


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