VC 60ML House Juice

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Berry Crazy – A delicious blend of mixed berries.

Black Flag – Banana Pina Colada

Cowboy Up – Caramel tobacco.

Caramel Apple – The perfect mix of caramel and apple.

Caribbean Colada – Strawberry Watermelon Pina Colada.

Diamond Drops – Butterscotch custard.

Fusion – Blue Raspberry with white grape for an added twist

Gorilla Milk -A creamy Pineapple Banana Yogurt.

Happy Trails -Guava and peach.

Jolly Wapple -Watermelon apple jolly rancher.

Jolly Blue -Blue raspberry jolly rancher.

Lemon Straw Frost -A cool strawberry lemonade.

Magic Rainbow – A berry skittles.

Melon balls Of Fire – A blend of watermelon and cinnamon.

Purple Dip – Grape fun dip.

Pink Star – Strawberry pink starburst

Summer Breeze – Papaya and passion fruit with other berries.

Screaming Lemonade – A peach, grape lemonade.

Strawberry banana –A smooth blend of strawberries and bananas.

Vanilla Custard –A creamy blend of vanilla and custard.

C4 – Strawberry, peach and green apple mix.

C4 on Ice – Strawberry, peach and green apple mixture with MENTHOL!

Cherry Slurpee – Cherry slurpee straight from the gas station

Cummins – Peach honeydew passion.

Duramax –  Mango, kiwi, and southern style lemonade.

Midnight Snack –For those late night sweet tooth cravings. This will satisfy your craving no matter the time of day!

Powerstroke – A sweet peach berry mix.

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